MASTER OF THE PRAYERBOOKS OF AROUND 1500, or his circle, Illuminated manuscript leaves from a Book of Hours, Bruges 1500–1520. 75 X 55 mm.

From a pocket sized Book of Hours. An unusual feature is that none of the holy persons are rendered with a halo. This is not unique. It is the case in the Book of Hours of Anne Boleyn, but is probably not a sign of protestant iconography, but rather a tendency towards naturalism in Flemish painting. Margins cropped to the picture

Close parallells are found in Walters W.428, Sotheby’s L11241 Lot 56, and the Pertengo Hours at Sam Fogg.

All six leaves €15000


The Nativity

The wooden beams of the shed are geometrically aligned with the picture frame. The virgin and Joseph are kneeling in front of the child Jesus lying naked on an altar shaped crib. Bethlehem visible at the horizon.

The frame with blue anemone inhabited by three butterflies, two flies and a snail.