ROMAN SCHOOL, ca 1320, possibly Filippo Rusuti, Triangular Pediment from Altarpiece with Christ the Redeemer between two archangels. Tempera and gold on poplar panel (parqueted)


This exceptional painting is still subject to scientific analyses and is presented for future sale.

Its composition is very similar to Guido of Siena’s altarpiece in The Palazzo Pubblico in Siena, but the style is dominated by byzantine features and a very subtle treatment of the faces.

Scientific methods have been applied in order to exclude any form of forgery or alteration. A C-14 analysis showed a 14th century date with two possible peaks, one around 1320 and a second possible date around 1390. A conservator’s examination with regards to craquelation and technique did not show anything that contradicts a 14th century date. The panel is parqueted, and the painted surface has been treated with bee’s wax to avoid flaking.

Stylistic parallels are found in the works of the Roman school of Pietro Cavallini, Jacopo Torriti and Filippo Rusuti.

Perhaps the closest parallel is the Madonna formerly at the Galleria Lorenzelli in Bergamo, previously from the Spiridon collection in Rome. A previous attribution to the Florentine artist Meliore di Jacopo was challenged by Angelo Tartuferi in favour of an anonymous Roman artist.





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