I offer services in the field of art expertise, valuation, attribution and provenance research, including assignments as “Art detective” in cases of illicitly exported cultural objects and looted art. I can also assist as a consultant for art investments and collecting.
My academic background has made it possible to build a large international network of colleagues and experts in the field of medieval art and old masters. I can also arrange for the appropriate scientific analyses in authentication cases.
I have had the opportunity to identify and restitute two stolen illuminated manuscripts. The 16th c. prayer book, Modus orandi, Turin, Biblioteca Reale ms Varia 98 , which led to the fall of a major crime league. The major part of the 14th c Book of Hours of Valréas, Avignon BM ms 1903, was identified when leaves were sold separately. The leaves were restituted at the French residence in Stockholm in 2019.
Apart from expertise in the Art market, I offer academic services within the field of illuminated manuscripts, medieval sculpture and minor arts, including research articles, fact-checking, peer reviewing, lectures etc.
I have frequently been asked by museums, libraries and auction houses to share my opinions, and I have often recommended national institutions to purchase important objects.